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YT28 Hand Held Pneumatic Air Leg Rock Drill

Item No.: 00135
Product Model:
Net weight:26KG
Total length:66.1CM
Air consumption:≤81L/S
Impact frequency:≥37Hz
Drilling diameter:34-42mm
Piston diameter:80mm
Piston stroke:60mm
Working air pressure:0.63mpa
Working water pressure:0.3mpa
Sale: 0
Description Review


1.The rock drill is a kind of high efficiency air leg rock drill machine.

2.Used for blasting holes and other drilling works in a quarries, railway construction, water conservancy construction and national defence project facility.

3. When it is matched with Model FY250 Oil reservoir and Model FT160A or FT160B Air-leg , it is suitable for wet drillingunder various of rocks. 

4.Global export.


♦ Safety ♦

a. Ensure that technical safe practices are employed. 

b. Pay attention to the position of steel wire ring clamp, if found it fray,change it. 

c. Check steel wire ring clamp whether or not abrase, if so, change another at once.

d. Do not allow use low burning point and easy explosion lubricating oil.


Air leg rock drill:YT27,YT28,YT29A,YT24,YT23,YT23D,YO18,Y20,YSP45


Air leg rock drill
Model Weight Air consumption Impact frequency Air pressure
(KG) (L/S) (HZ) (MPA)
YT27 26 ≤85 ≥36 0.63
YT28 26 ≤81 ≥37 0.4-0.63
YT29A 26 ≤82 ≥40 0.63
YT24 24 ≤66.7 ≥31 0.4-0.63
YT23 24 ≤80 ≥36 0.63
YT23D 24 ≤38 ≥30 0.35-0.63
YO18 18 ≤22.5 ≥34.6 0.39-0.59
Y20 18 ≤25 ≥30 0.4
YSP45 44 ≤83 ≥47 0.5



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