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Y24 hand-held rock drill

Item No.: 00126
The Y24 Handheld Rock Drill is a reliable and user friendly solution for anyone who needs to handle tough substrates effectively.Most suitable for drilling downward and inclined blast-holes in medium nard and hard rock with a hardness of f=8~18
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Y24 Hand-Held rock drills

Y24 hand-held rock drill is a trans-formative product of our air leg rock drill YT24 . With advanced technology level, it is very  suitable for the second blasting and downward drilling in quarries.
In addition to maintaining the excellent performance of YT24, Y24 is also enhanced with the ability of purging blast hole. Therefore, it is more suitable for drilling downward blast hole.


Most suitable for drilling downward and inclined blast-holes in medium nard and hard rock with a hardness of f=8~18:

An ideal tool for rock drilling operations in small open-pit quarries, mines, water conservancy projects and road building in hilly areas, etc, and for secondary blasting in large mines.

The incorporation of FY200B Line Oiler with transparent casing provides automatic lubrication during operation during operation.


Grouped control mechanism, quick to start up with "air-on, water-on, air-off " mechanism, easy operation and maintenance.

In addition to having the excellent performance of YT24, it has stronger flushing power.


Air pressure: Mpa

Weight (kg)


L×W×H (mm)

605 ×485 ×158

Air consumption (L/s)


Air hose dia. (mm)


Impact frequency (Hz)


 (Bit size)Bore dia.(mm)


Drilling depth (m)


Shank size  (hex. mm)


FY200B Line Oiler Specifications:

Capacity (ml)


Weight (kg)


Y24 Jackhammer spare parts list
No. Part No. Name   No. Part No. Name
1 36×3.5 RUBBER I-1GB1235-76 O-ring seal   23 YT24-3.03 Operating valve
2 YT24-1.02 Ratchet wheel   24 Y24-3.05 Air injector
3 YT24-1.03 Valve chest   25 -3.08 Handle body
4 YT24-1.04 Valve   26 -3.17 Air injector sleeve
5 YT24-1.05 Valve cap   27 -3.23 Nut plug
6 YT24-1.06 Locating stud   28 -3.27 Handle
7 YT24-1.07 Ratchet pawl   29 -3.29 Rubber handle
8 YT24-1.08A Rifle nut   30 -3.31 Handle bolt
9 YT24-1.09 Rifle rod   31 GB97.2-85-16-140HV Washer
10 YT24-1.10 Piston   32 YT24-3.02 Long bolt
11 Y24-1.11 Cylinder body   33 -3.07 Large gland cover
12 Y24-1.12 Guide sleeve   34 -3.09 Long bolt nut
13 YT24-1.13a Silencing cover   35 -3.1 Steel snap ring
14 YT24-1.15 Tower-shaped spring   36 YT28-3.11 Air pipe elbow
15 HOSE CLAMPS d100ZBJ15001-87 Hose clamps   37 YT24-3.21 Operating handle
16 Y24-2.01a Machine head   38 -3.22 The group of Holding pin
17 Y24-2.02 Rotating sleeve   39 YT25-3.14 Air injector pad
18 YT24-2.03 Bit shank sleeve   40 -3.2 Spring
19 YT24-2.05 Bit clamp spring   41 -3.21 Locating stud/lock
20 YT24-2.06 Bit clamp bolt   42 -3.35 Copper Pad
21 YT24-2.07a Bit clamp   43 M16 Handle nut
22 YT28-2.12 Spring pad        



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