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Y20LY air-leg rock drill

Item No.: 00137
Weight 18 kg
Length 609 mm
Size of Drill Shank H22*108±1 mm
Drilling Diameter 34-40 mm
Working Air Pressure 0.4 MPa
Air Consumption ≤21.5 L/s
Impact Frequency 30 Hz
Air Pipe Inner Diameter 16 mm
Water Pipe Inner Diameter 8 mm
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Description Review
Y20LY hand-held rock drill is a kind of light and practical rock drilling machinery. 
Capable of being performed both dry and wet drilling under the medium and hard rocks (f=8-18);
Can drill downwards with hand towards horizontal or inclined;
Can be matched with FT100 air leg and FY200B oil feeder to do drilling works in various mines, quarries, capital construction of farmland, blasting for construction roads in mountain areas or other projects.
·Suitable for operation on medium-hard and hard rock with hand-held or air-leg,either used for wet drilling or for dry drilling .
·Light in weight and low in air consumption,particularly fit for mobile operation with a small air compressor.
·Reliable performance,easy operation and convenient maintenance
·Various rock drilling operations can be accomplished with only a 1.5m3 air compressor.
The technical specifations are as follows:
Y20LY Air leg rock drill  
Weight  ≈18kg
Length ≈609mm
Cylinder dia. 60mm
Piston stroke 50mm
Air pressure 0.4Mpa
Impact frequency ≥30Hz
Air pipe inner dia 16 or or19mm
Water pipe inner dia 8mm
Air consumption ≤25 L/S
Shank dimension 22×108mm±1mm
Bit dimension 34- 40mm

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