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Rb777 Pneumatic Breaker

Item No.: 00158
Piston Diameter:57 mm
Piston Stroke:189 mm
Percussive Frequency:18.3 Hz
N.W.:37 kg
Length:733 mm
Working Air Pressure:0.63 Mpa
Air Tube Size:19mm
Bit Head Size:R32×152 mm
Air Lnlet Size:3/4 mm
Oil Feeder:30 ml
Sale: 0
Description Review

RB777 pneumatic picks

RB777 pneumatic picks are used to build roads, install works of broken concrete and other hardens Hard object tools, the machine structure is simple, high efficiency, easy to operate,As long as the rod installed, connected to the air source, you can work, is broken hard The ideal tool for the body.

RB777 air pick an applicable scope

1、Coal mining in coal mines, planning the foot pit of the column, opening the ditch;

2、Mining soft rock;

3、Breaking concrete, permafrost, and ice in construction and installation projects;


High Power High Productivity

Long piston stroke provides superior impact energy.

High Durability Easy Maintenance

Reinforced cup retainer for high durability

Replaceable bushing to protect wear of cylinder.

Simple structure for less maintenance

37 kg
733 mm
Piston Diameter
57 mm
Working Pressure
0.63 Mpa
Impact Frequency
18.3 Hz
Air Pipe Inner Diameter
19 mm
Air Consumption
34 L/s
Oil Lubricator Capacity
30 ml
Aug 29, 2023
Very durable, good quality, Lucy has great service and always teaches me how to use it.

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