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R32 R25 T38 T45 T51 Gt60 Extension Drill Rod

Item No.: 00259
Model :r32, r28, r38, r25, t38, t45, t51, gt60
Specification:300mm to 6000mm
HS Code:82071990
Material:High Manganese Steel,Tungsten Carbide
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SUPERDRILL@ R32 R25 T38 T45 T51 Gt60 Extension Drill Rod

Extension Drill Rod Other names for this type of steel are Extension drill steel, Extension drill rod, and M/F rod (Speed rod), which can be used to create both round and hexagonal cross-sections. Hexagonal rods increase flushing because they are heavier, more stiff, and more effectively transfer energy. Round rods are typically utilized in extension drilling applications since they are typically lighter than hexagonal rods. Conventional extension steel is distinguished by duplicate thread on both ends of the steel, with the longer steel often having a greater diameter.

Hollow drill steel is used to make Extension rods, which come in a range of lengths from 600 to 6400 mm. During drilling, this hollow hole—often referred to as a flushing hole—is utilized to transfer air or water. Additionally, bits, Shank Adapters, and Couplings can be connected using the threads.

R32 R25 T38 T45 T51 Gt60 Extension Drill Rod Specification

Type of Drill Rod: Male-Female and Male-Male

Thread :R22, R25, R28, T38, T45, T51 ST58/ST68 GT60, and so on.

Size of rod:Round 32 mm, Round 39 mm, Round 46 mm, Round 52 mm, Round 60 mm, Round 76 mm, Hex 22 mm, Hex 25 mm, Hex 28 mm, Hex 32 mm, Hex 35 mm.

Length: 0.4–6 m


Drifter Rod: The length of the R32/T38-HEX28-R28/SR28 drill rod is between 700 and 5530 mm, while the R32-HEX25-R25/SR25 drill rod is between 700 and 4750 mm.

The length of the drill rods for R38/T38-HEX32-R28/R32/SR32 and R38/T38-HEX35-R32/SR32/SR35 is between 700 and 6400 mm.
Additionally, we may manufacture drill rods in response to client requests.




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