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Pneumatic Hammer Splitter For Stone

Item No.: 00113
Pneumatic rock splitter is a useful tools for splitting rock and concrete, widely used in quarrying and construction project.
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Pneumatic rock and concrete pick splitter is also called pneumatic hammer, air hammer, pick hammer, air rock splitter etc.It's driven by air-compressor and equiped with wedges and shims, be used for splitting stone and concrete, has a wide of application.

This penuamtic rock splitter is very light and can be hand held, the operation is very simple. After drilling the hole, put in the wedge and shims, and then used the rock splitter to give the force and split the rock.

20-270 20 270
30-365 30 365
32-365 32 365
32-395 32 395
34-365 34 395
34-395 34 395
36-365 36 365
36-395 36 395
38-365 38 365
38-395 38 395

For this Plug and feathers, normal length is 400mm, and hole from 32mm to 40mm, other sizes of plug and feather are available upon your detailed requirement.

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