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Integral Drill rod on superdrill

Item No.: 00257
Shank size: hex19mm hex.22mm, hex.25mm including Plug Hole Rod
Head Diameter: 28mm-46mm
Length: 0.4m-6.4m
Steel grade :SANDBAR 20, or SANDBAR 20
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Integral Drill Steel is a drill steel used in underground mining for small holes, and by hand-held drill machines equipped with power rock drills such as air leg drills or hand-held rock drills. It reduces impact energy costs, increases drilling speed, and can be used to drill bore holes from 24mm up to 44mm in diameter. To get good drilling results with Integral drills, it is important to have a high-quality steel and tungsten carbide.

 Depending on the application, a variety of lengths is available. These range from 600mm up to 6400mm in general.

 The integral drill steel rod can be used with a small power rock drill, such as air leg rock drilling machines, hand-held rock drills etc. Depending on the application, different lengths can be obtained from 600mm up to 9600mm.



 Steel grade 95CrMo is equivalent to C253, SANDBAR 20, or SANDBAR 20.

 (2)Shank size: hex19mm hex.22mm, hex.25mm including Plug Hole Rod

 (3)Head Diameter: 28mm-46mm

 (4)Length: 0.4m-6.4m


Packaging: In wooden case or bundles.

 Productivity: 20000 pcs/month


Integral Drill rod


Integral Drill Steel is used by a hand held drill machine in...

Integral Drill Rod 

Hollow Hexagonal Drill Steel 

Integral drill rod



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