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IADC 537 Tricone Rock Drill Bits 8 1/2 Inch

Item No.: TDB021
Size: 8 1/2 Inch Tci Tricone Bit
IADC  Code: 537
Connection: 4 1/2"API Reg Pin Nozzle Qty: 3
Make Up Torque(KN.M): 16.3~21.7 Rotary Speed(Rpm): 110~40
Bearing Type: Sealed And Non-sealed Bearing
Machine Type: Water Well Drilling
Sale: 0
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IADC 537 Tricone Rock Drill Bits 8 1/2 Inch


Basical Parameter
Bit Size  8 1/2"(215.9MM)
IADC Code 537
Connection 4 1/2"API reg pin
Nozzle Qty 3NZ
Make up Torque(KN.m) 16.3~21.7
Operating Parameter
Rotary Speed(rpm) 110~40
Weight on Bit(KN/MM) 0.5~1.05
Formation Low compressive strength,medium hard formation with dard abrasive interlayer,like Hard shale,anhydrite,soft limestone,sandstone,dolomite with mezzanine,etc.


Cutting Structure

The wear-resistance of the teeth is enhanced with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing on the tooth surfaces for the steel tooth bit.The durability of premium tungsten carbide inserts is improved with new formulas and new techniques for insert bit

Gauge Structure

Multiple gague protection with gauge trimmers on the heel and gauge inserts on the gauge surface of the cone,tungsten carbide inserts and hardfacing on the shirttail increases gauge holding capacity and bearing life.

Bearing Structure

High precision journal bearing with two thrust faces,Balls lock the cone.Hardfaced head bearing surface.Cone bearing inlaid with friction-reducing alloy and then silver-plated.Abrasion resistance and seizure of the bearing are improved.and suitable for high rotary speed

Seal and Lubrication

The advanced metal seal package consists of two metal seals and two elastic energizers.Compressed energizers ensure good contact being kept on two sealing surfaces of metal rings by elastic force,and achieves the bearing seal.In the drilling,metal seals are relatively dynamic,and the energizers are static.This will improve the reliability and durability of bearing seal.The pressure compensator system and advanced grease can greatly increase the lubricating reliability.



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