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Hydraulic piston Rock Splitter

Item No.: 00117
Hydraulic piston-powered rock splitter is new type hole piston type hydraulic rock splitter, hydraulic soundless blasting, hand hold rock splitter improved, and alternative of Expansive Demolition Agent
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Description How to word Application field Review
Piston rock splitter is a new type of rock-breaking equipment. Its design is inspired by our common hydraulic jack. Using a piston rock splitter requires a larger hole diameter than a hand-held rock splitter (typically 90mm, 110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, or over 200mm). No vibration, no noise, and no flying stones during the working process. The effect is immediate, there is no need to wait, and the work can be repeated without interruption. In many large rock-breaking construction sites, such as road construction or building foundation sites, it is difficult for a handheld wedge rock splitter to meet a large number of rock removal requirements. So using a piston rock splitter is the best way. Piston rock splitters are more powerful and efficient than handheld wedge rock splitters. It is fully capable of all kinds of large-scale rock-breaking work.

Piston Splitter
Model Unit SPD-90 SPD-110 SPD-130 SPD-150 SPD-180 SPD-220
Diameter mm φ85 φ105 φ125 φ145 φ175 φ215
Length mm 640 720 750 780 1020 1120
Piston diameter mm 50 60 70 80 100 110
Piston max stroke mm 25 34 38 48 56 70
Drill hole diameter mm φ90 φ110 φ130 φ150 φ180 φ220
Drill hole depth mm ≥1000 ≥1000 ≥1000 ≥1000 ≥1500 ≥1500
Splitting force theoretical ton 1580 2160 2550 3070 3680 4210
Splitting force effective ton ≈1500 ≈2000 ≈2400 ≈2900 ≈3500 ≈4100
Weight kg 31 46 55 76 127 213

Diesel hydraulic power unit

Power 15HP/11KW
Rated Pressure 100Mpa
Peak Pressure 150Mpa
Low-pressure flow 10L/min
High-pressure flow 4.5L/min
Operation Temp -20℃ ~ 85℃
Oil Tank Volume 100L
Diesel Tank Volume 10L
Weight 315kg
Dimensions 1100×1015×980mm

Electric hydraulic power unit

Power 7.5KW
Rated Pressure 100Mpa
Peak Pressure 150Mpa
Low-pressure flow 8L/min
High-pressure flow 3.8L/min
Operation Temp -20℃ ~ 85℃
Oil Tank Volume 100L
Weight 185kg
Dimensions 950×830×1250mm


How to word
A hydraulic crawler drill can be used for drilling. The diameter of the drill hole is determined according to the type of splitter used (for example, the hole diameter of the sSPD-130 splitter is 130mm), the drill depth is 1m-1.5m, and the drill holes are arranged in a staggered arrangement.

2. Splitting:
Insert the splitter into the pre-drilled hole and adjust the splitting direction according to the free surface. When splitting, multiple splitters should be inserted into adjacent holes, and the splitting direction should be consistent to concentrate the splitting force to achieve better splitting effect and efficiency.

3. Breaking:
After splitting, the hydraulic breaker breaks the rock into small pieces. The secondary crushing can be carried out at the same time as the splitting.
Application field
The main fields of use of hydraulic plunger splitter rods:
1. The non-explosive mining of stones in medium and large stone yards can be split with splitting rods to obtain larger stones.
2. For open-pit mining of gold, silver, lead, tin, aluminum and other metal mines, use the Farun brand hydraulic plunger splitting rod to quickly split the ore body in conjunction with down-the-hole drilling, which is safe and vibration-free.
3. When excavating subway tunnels under urban buildings and encountering huge rocks that need to be split and Zhay*o cannot be used, splitting rods can be used to effectively split the rocks.
4. The splitting and removal of large rocks in the rock mining project can replace the wind pick, the breaking hammer, and the expansion agent to excavate the mountain without

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