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Wedges and Shims

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Wedges and shims, also known as plugs and wedges, feather and wedges, pins

and feathers and feather and tare refers to a technique and a three-piece tool set

used to split stone.

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Most Stone will split cleanly if the proper breaking technique is used. Wedges and shims have been used for eons in the stone industry, and are still among the most effective tools for splitting stone. Here's how to use them:

1. Drill holes along your split line at least as deep as your wedges are long and about 6" apart. For difficult splits, drill holes deeper and closer together. Your split line may be straight or curved.

2. Insert wedges and shims into holes as illustrated. Make sure the "ears" face the direction you want your stone to split.

3. Strike the wedges in sequence, firmly but without forcing. Wait a few minutes. Repeat until stone splits (clear the way!).


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