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Water Well Drilling Three Wings PDC Drag Bits

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PDC Bits for Coal Mining and Stonework (3-wing)
PDC drill bit is super hard material combined with diamond and hard alloy under high temperature. It not only has the advantages of hard and durable from diamond, but also has the advantages of high impact resistance and big blade from hard alloy. I t greatly improve the drilling efficiency and is the ideal drill bit for the drill operation of medium &hard as well as super hard rock.
The carrier of PDC bits is forged and pressed by first -class steel. Its mechanical capacity is strengthen by fully automatic vacuum heat treatment equipment.
The ordinary type adopts Chinese PDC as its blade, while the super-strong type adopts American blade by GE. Choosing proper type makes high ratio of performance and price.
Our PDC drill bits are widely used in all industries, such as coal mining, oil exploration, geological exploration, water and hydroelectric, railway and road, tunneling construction and so on.
Two-wing PDC anchor bits(semi-round standard type) is applied to the hardness not bigger than f8.The working life is 10-30 times of the ordinary alloy bits, and the efficiency could be improved by 60%.Besides, the PDC bits do not require figuring, which lows the labor intensity and helps to save cost.
GE, American company, produces the main material of blade for two-wing PDC anchor bits (semi round strengthened type).The diamond content is 1.5 times of the ordinary bits, which has excellent abrasive resistance and applied to medium and hard rock(f<12).
Super strengthened PDC bits adopts newly designed ball type diamonds its blade. Features: fast drilling speed, high impact resistance.
When the drill bits work, the edge is used to cut ordinary and Symmetrical formation, while the ledge acts as cushioning to avoid huge drilling footage, which helps to low the possibility of damage. Thanks to that, the drilling level of complicated is improved.

No. Drilling parameter
Dia.mm Drilling pressure (Kg) Rotate speed (rpm) Pump volume
1 28 300-700 300-500 150-200
2 30 300-700 300-500 150-200
3 32 300-700 300-500 150-200
4 48 300-700 300-500 120-160
5 56 320-800 250-350 130-180
6 75 480-1200 200-300 150-200
7 94 640-1600 150-250 200-250
8 110 880-2200 120-200 200-300
9 152 1500-3000 100-200 500-850
10 190 1800-4000 100-200 600-1200
11 230 2200-4500 100-200 750-1400
12 270 2400-5000 100-200 1000-1500

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