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TPB-40/TPB-60 Pneumatic Hammer

Item No.: 00548
Piston diameter:66.67mm
Piston stroke:152mm
Total length:723mm
Net weight:42.0kg (92.4lb)
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TPB-40 Pneumatic Hammer

Model TPB-40 breaker is the power of the broken tool. It uses the East Japan Air (TOKU) group with the mature technology of compressed air. It also can high-efficiency complete reinforced concrete. Rock , Asphalt etc, with the broken, more horsepower. The more high-efficiency, the longer life characteristics, especially suitable for big characteristics. The special thick, the broken objects. Hard work, is mine. The bridge, the road. Civil infrastructure project construction ideal tool!


Model TPB40 TPB60 TPB90
Piston diameter 44mm 57.15mm 66.67mm
Piston stroke 100mm 146mm 152mm
Impact frequency 900 minute/Time 1250 minute/Time 1400 minute/Time
Net weight 18kg/39.6lbs 30kg/60lbs 42kg/92.4lbs
Total length 660mm 645mm 723mm
Air consumption 1.6m3/minute 2.0m3/minute 2.2m3/minute
Hose size 19mm(3/4inch) 19mm(3/4inch) 19mm(3/4inch)
Shank specifications 1×4-1/4 25X108 1×4-1/4 25X108 1×4-1/4 25X108
Inlet size 3/4pt 3/4pt 3/4pt
Air pressure 0.63Mpa 0.63Mpa 0.63Mpa

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