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SP300 (300M) Water Well Drilling Rig

Item No.: 00350
Drilling Depth:300m
Drilling Diameter:140-325mm
Diesel Engine Power:85Kw
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SP300 (300M) Water Well Drilling Rig

SP300 water well drilling rig is mainly used for the drilling of water wells, agricultural wells and so on. It is especially ideal for the well drilling projects in mountain and rock areas. Its efficiency is 10 times higher than traditional rotary drilling rigs, creating considerable economy benefits for users. This geothermal driller solves the difficulty of DTH drilling rig in drilling soil and solves the construction problems of rotary drilling rigs in hard rock layer, gravel and pebble layers. This well driller can efficiently operate under various complicated geological conditions and serves as both gas and water driller

Besides, the overhead drive head comes with a large spindle diameter, making the drilling rig suitable for the drilling of mud, air and foam to satisfy the requirements of different geological conditions.

Key Parameters
Drilling Depth:300m
Drilling Diameter:140-325mm

Diesel Engine Power:85Kw


1. SP300 crawler mounted drilling rig is mainly used in the drilling of industrial and civilian wells and geothermal wells.
2. The well driller is characterized y high drilling depth, large drilling diameter, fast drilling speed, high efficiency, etc.


1. Diesel engines are purchased from famous brands-Yuchai turbocharged engine.
2. Crawler transmission: the motor is equipped with a reducer to ensure a long service life.
3. Hydraulic pump: the patented parallel gearbox is used to separate the oil pump, providing strong and reasonable distribution. The unique hydraulic system offers simple maintenance and low repair cost.
4. Rotary mechanism
The integrated casting gearbox and dual motor come with a large torque, durability and low maintenance lost.
5. The professional extractor base offers an outstanding durability and strong bearing capacity. Its wide chain plate causes little damage to the road.
6. The patented composite arm features a small size and long stroke. The dual cylinder lifting device provides a large lifting power.
7. The lifting arm is equipped with a limiter to protect the oil cylinder and ensure the operating safety.
8. Each hydraulic hose is covered with a soft management unit to enlarge its service life.

Technical Parameters

Model SP300
Drilling depth 300m
The hole diameter Ø140-325mm
One-time advance length 3.3/4.8m
Working pressure 17-30bar
Air consumption 17-36m³/min
Drilling pipe length 1.5m 2m 3m
Drill pipe diameter Ø76, Ø89, Ø102mm
Rig lifting force 18T
Hoisting force of winch 2T
Rotary torque 5700-7500N.m
Rotary speed 40-70r/min
The penetration efficiency 15-35m/h
High leg stroke 1.4m
Engine brand Yuchai
Equipped capacitor 85KW
Walking speed 0-2.5 km/h
Climbing capacity 30°
Weight 7.2T
Dimension 4100*2000*2500mm
Application Complicated geological conditions:
Rock, mud, sand, etc.
Drilling way Superior hydraulic rotation and propulsion
DTH drilling or mud pumping
Equipped with hammer 5'',6", 7",8" Medium and high wind pressure series
Tool Winch, welding machines, foam pump


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