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Soundless Expansive Mortar for Various Applications

Item No.: 00568
HSCA-1: 25 to 35°
HSCA-2: 15 to 25°
HSCA-3: 5 to 15°
HSCA-4: -5 to 5°
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Description Review
  • Called soundless cracking agent, non explosive demolition agent, expansion mortar, expansion cement
  • 4 types:
    • HSCA-1: 25 to 35°
    • HSCA-2: 15 to 25°
    • HSCA-3: 5 to 15°
    • HSCA-4: -5 to 5°
  • Note: we can produce according to your actual temperature range
  • Advantages compared with traditional explosives:
    • Soundless, non-explosive material
    • Safe, without any flying stone, ash, no toxic gas, no shock wave
    • Effective that suit for precious stone and explosion-not allowed area
    • Shape is controllable
    • Without any special importing license: can import as general cargo
  • It can be applied to various situations:
    • Granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite quarrying and cutting
    • Precious stone quarrying
    • Rock pre-splitting, fracture, cutting, demolishing and removal
    • Concrete structure demolition and rock cracking when explosion not allowed
    • Fracture and demolition of the concrete buildings and structure
    • Rock cutting for road construction
  • Can be used in an almost unlimited range of application
  • It's particularly used for breaking, cutting or demolishing stone, concrete and reinforced concrete
  • It is ideal for use in situation where surrounding building or other structure would be damaged by flying debris or vibration
  • It maximize production time, product output and therefore profit, in quarrying and mining as Avoids waste of valuable stone
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