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11degree 38 Mm Taper Button Drill Bit Form superdrill

Item No.: 00229
11degree 38 Mm Taper Button Drill Bit Form superdrill - Buy 34mm Button Drill Bit,Spherical Button Drill Bit,Button Bits And Taper Bits Product on hbsuperdrill
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Small hole tapered ground drill bit are the most popular tapered drill bits with a wide selection of head diameters from 26mm to 48mm.

With carbide buttons hot pressed on the bit skirts, tapered button bits have a good drilling performance and are excellent in longevity.

We manufactuer various tapered button bits in different degrees as below:

Bit diameter: 32mm ~ 48mm;Tapered degree: 4°46’, 6°, 7°, 11°, 12°;
Shank sizes: Hex. 19mm, Hex, 22mm and Hex. 25mm;
Buttons configuration: 4 buttons, 5 buttons, 6 buttons, 7 buttons, 8 


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