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Rock Drill Pusher Leg Rock Drill YT24

Item No.: 00545
Working pressure:0.4-0.63Mpa
Air consumption:≤66.7L/s
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Pusher Leg Rock Drill


The pusher leg rock drill YT24 is a highly efficient jack hammer that combines air-water linkage system, quick leg retraction mechanism, air pressure adjustment system and other high quality components together to offer reliable performance with simple operation. Thanks to the equipped muffler, our pneumatic drill could cut down noise level effectively to protect people’s ears, and it also boasts light weight, big torque, high efficiency, simple structure and easy maintenance.

Our pusher leg rock drill delivers satisfying performance even under low air pressure conditions, making it particularly suitable to work with small air compressors or where the air hose has to be quite long.

Technical Data of Pusher Leg Rock Drill YT24

Weight 24kg
Length 678mm
Cylinder diameter 70mm
Piston stroke 70mm
Working pressure 0.4-0.63Mpa
Impact rate ≥31Hz
Air consumption ≤66.7L/s
Air hose diameter 19mm
Water hose diameter 13mm
Hole diameter 34-42mm
Shank size 22×108±1mm
FT140B Pusher Leg (short type)
Leg length 1687mm
Feeding length 1250mm
Feeding piston bore 60mm
Weight About 15.6kg
FT160BC Pusher Leg (long type)
Leg length 1800mm
Feeding length 1365mm
Feeding piston bore 65mm
Weight About 16.9kg
FT200B Lubricator/Oiler
Volume 200ml

This pneumatic tool is mainly used for rock drilling work involved in mining and tunneling projects, and it is also commonly utilized in railway construction, water conservancy projects and national defense industries. In addition, it often works together with FT200B lubricator and FT160B pusher leg to perform wet drilling so as to create horizontal or tilted blast holes, while its pusher leg can be dismounted to fit for installation on a drill jumbo.


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