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Rock Drill Pneumatic Rock Drill Y19

Item No.: 00541
Cylinder diameter:65mm
Piston stroke:54mm
Working pressure:0.40-0.5Mpa
Drilling diameter:34-40mm
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Home Products Rock Drill Pneumatic Rock Drill Y19

Pneumatic Rock Drill


The Pneumatic Rock Drill Y19 is designed for both dry and wet drilling applications, and it boasts light weight, simple operation, fast drilling speed, low air consumption, low failure rate, long service life and other outstanding features.

As a multi-purpose pneumatic tool, our demolition hammer is often used in small quarries, coal mines, limestone mines, road construction projects and water conservancy projects for rock drilling and blasting, and it also suits for secondary blasting in large mines and other construction sites. In addition, our pneumatic rock drill could be equipped with FT100 pusher leg to fit for more working conditions.

Technical Data of Pneumatic Rock Drill Y19

Weight 19kg
Dimensions 600×534×157mm
Cylinder diameter 65mm
Piston stroke 54mm
Working pressure 0.40-0.5Mpa
Impact energy ≥40J at 0.5Mpa
≥28J at 0.4Mpa
Drilling frequency ≥35Hz at 0.5Mpa
≥28Hz at 0.4MPa
Air consumption ≤43L/s at0.5Mpa
≤37L/s at 0.4Mpa
Torque ≥12.5Nm at 0.5Mpa
≥9.5Nm at 0.4Mpa
Water pressure 0.3Mpa
Air hose inner diameter 19mm
Water hose inner diameter 13mm
Drilling diameter 34-40mm
Max. drilling depth 5m
Working temperature -30℃~+50℃
Shank size H 22×108mm

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