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Reaming Bits

Item No.: 00363
taper degree 6°;12°
thread R25, R28, R32, T38
Type: drilliing tools
Use: Ore Mining, quarrying,mining and tunnelling
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reaming bits

Made from high alloy steel and tungsten carbide as same grade as internationally well-known brand
Apply "hot (thermal) -insertion" processing procedure to insert the buttons as same as internationally well-known brand
Entire CNC processing procedure ensure the quality consistency
Military grade requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability
Fast penetration rates, and streight and clean hole quality. Long life of drilling holes.

A reaming bit functions to enlarge a borehole and it is designed with a drill portion and a reamer portion. The drill portion is formed by cutting edges at the end of a plurality of flutes, and the reamer portion includes a first relief formed on each flute surface disposed at a predetermined angle with respect to the flute surface to form a first reamer cutting edge. A second relief is formed contiguous with the first face on each reamer portion and is disposed at a second angle, less than the first angle with respect to the flute surface.

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