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Pneumatic Breaker TPB-90

Item No.: 00547
Piston diameter:66.67mm
Piston stroke:152mm
Total length:723mm
Net weight:42.0kg (92.4lb)
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Pneumatic Breaker


The pneumatic breaker TPB-90 is a highly efficient demolition breaker that uses compressed air to break rock, asphalt, reinforced concrete and other materials.

1. Our T-handle breaker is manufactured from alloy steel to enhance its durability, and its handle is fixed by 4 bolts to withstand extreme working conditions.
2. Thanks to the quick-change clamp, it is very simple to change chisels, while the hexagonal shank makes this pneumatic breaker fit for breaking or digging asphalt road.

Due to its big power, high efficiency and long service life, the pneumatic breaker TPB-90 is ideal for breaking ultra-large, ultra-thick or ultra-hard objects, and it is commonly used in mining and municipal construction projects.

Technical Data of Pneumatic Breaker TPB-90

Piston diameter 66.67mm
Piston stroke 152mm
Impact rate 1250 blows/min
Air consumption 2.2m3/min
ID of air hose 19mm
Shank size 11/8×6" or 11/4×6"
Air inlet size 3/4PT
Total length 723mm
Net weight 42.0kg (92.4lb)


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