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Pneumatic Breaker TCD-20

Item No.: 00565
Piston diameter:42.85mm
Piston stroke:60mm
Shank size:7/8×31/4
Total length:520mm
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Pneumatic Breaker


The pneumatic breaker TCD-20 is a tough, lightweight and dependable Paving breaker for light to medium construction work. It is often utilized to perform plant maintenance, like demolition of floor, pavement, frozen ground and masonry wall, and it also fits for bridge deck jobs. In addition, this handheld pick hammer is able to delivery normal performance even in confined areas.

1. Automatic valves
2. Drop forged alloy steel handle
3. Built-in automatic oiler
4. Rubber handle grips
5. Latch type retainer
6. Swivel hose connection
7. Noise dampening mufflers
8. Four-bolt backhead

Technical Data of Pneumatic Breaker TCD-20

Piston diameter 42.85mm
Piston stroke 60mm
Impact rate 2000 blows/min
Air consumption 1.1m3/min (38.0cfm)
Air pressure 6kg/cm2
ID of air hose 12.7mm (1/2 inch)
Shank size 7/8×31/4"
Air inlet size 3/8PT
Total length 520mm
Net weight 10.0kg (22.0lb)

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