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Pneumatic Breaker B47

Item No.: 00528
Piston diameter:47.6mm
Piston stroke:100mm
Air consumption:27L/s
Shank size:25×108mm
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Pneumatic Breaker


The pneumatic breaker B47 integrates the most useful features of similar products available on the market, and it uses compressed air to drive the piston to reciprocate vertically, thus exerting impact force on the cushion which will then be applied on the chisel so as to break rock, asphalt, reinforced concrete, etc.

Feature and Application
This T-handle breaker is characterized by light weight, convenient use, high impact rate and high working efficiency, and it is commonly utilized for the demolition of ice, brickwork, pavement, soft rock, frozen soil and reinforced concrete, thus making it an ideal choice for road maintenance, power grid construction and other projects.

Technical Data of Pneumatic Breaker B47

Piston diameter 47.6mm
Piston stroke 100mm
Impact rate 1400 blows/min
Air consumption 27L/s
ID of air hose 19mm
Shank size 25×108mm
Air inlet size 3/4PT
Total length 550mm
Net weight 21.5kg

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