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Pneumatic Breaker B37C

Item No.: 00551
Piston diameter:47.6mm
Piston stroke:100mm
Air consumption:27L/s
Total length:550mm
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Pneumatic Breaker


The pneumatic breaker B37C is a well received air powered tool on the market due to its stable performance and competitive price.

For this portable pneumatic breaker, its valve, piston and other moving parts are constructed from shock resistant tool steel, and they undergo special heat treatment to achieve desired Rockwell hardness, thus guaranteeing excellent durability. On the other hand, its handle, cylinder, front head and back head are constructed of drop forged alloy steel with superior hardness.

1. Built-in automatic oiler
2. Spring type retainers
3. Swivel hose connection
4. Reversible piston
5. Rubber handle grips
6. Heavy duty front head spring
7. Noise dampening muffler (optional)

Technical Data of Pneumatic Breaker B37C

Piston diameter 47.6mm
Piston stroke 100mm
Impact rate 1400 blows/min
Air consumption 27L/s
ID of air hose 19mm
Shank size 25×108mm
Air inlet size 3/4PT
Total length 550mm
Net weight 21.5kg

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