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Pionjar 120 jack hammer

Item No.: 00278
YN27C Gasoline rock drill
Deepest depth of the borehole≥6m
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Pionjar 120 jack hammer YN27C rock drill -Gasoline rock drill Superdrill

1. Very compact structure, Less of the-easy-to-damage-parts, very easy to control. It can adapt to these outside situations there is no water and no electronic power.

2. It is a Kind hand held drill built up with gasoline engine, Air pump, rock drill and the rotation plumbum equipment for running or stop.

3. It can be used for breaking, drilling, blasting, tamping splitting and ramming.

  1. Model: YN27C
  2. Weight: 27kg
  3. Engine Load Speed (during determination of chiseling five holes): ≥2450r/min
  4. Drill Rod Idling Speed: ≥200r/min
  5. Tail Bit Shank Size Drill Rod: 22x108mm
  6. Deepest Depth of the Borehole: ≥6m
  7. Fuel Tank Capacity: ≥1.14L
  8. Borehole Speed: ≥250mm/min
  9. Gasoline and Lubricating Oil Blending Ratio: 9:1
  10. Spark Plug Electrode Gap: 0.5~0.6mm



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