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PD45 Excavator Mounted rock drill

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PD45 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill

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the PD-45 Excavator Mounted Drill is a hi-tech product driven by high-pressure hydraulic oil. It adopts advanced technologies and innovative structure, featuring low energy consumption, small size, light weight, huge impact energy, fast drilling, low noise, little vibration, trivial labor intensity. It is widely applied to rock drilling of marble, granite, metal, non-metal and coal mines.

1 .PD45 Excavator Mounted rock drill suit to the 15-20 tons excavator mounted machines.
2. The rate of the Pump can reach 200L/min,drilling diameter 45-64mm, 3m depth per time drilling.
3. Drilling speed: 3-5min/m for hard rock,1min can drill 1m depth for soft rock.
4. Excavator mounted rock drill can use the same type of hydraulic oil pipe line as hydraulic breaker.

Consignation of Excavated Mounted
(1) Multi function rail set
(2) Imported hydraulic drifter
(3) Moving System
(4) Dust collection
(5) Rock drilling tools
(6) Piston type air compressor

PD 45 Hydraulic Drifter

PD45 Rock Drill Set


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