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Large rock movement / tipping machinery

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The machine is made up of jack and electromotion oil pump, connected with high pressure rubber-tube.

methods to use

1.    1. Before using, do check up each part of the machine if it is normal and tighten oil released bolt of the oil tank.

2.Add up the clean HM-32 hydraulic oil in to the oil tank till the oil level is up to the upper limit of the vernier.

3     3.Connect one end of the high pressure rubber-tube to one end of the hand-change-direction valve and connect the other end to the hydraulic pressure jack .

4. Connect wires according to the demands, fan rotation of the motor must be matched with the arrow (clockwise). Push the change-direction valve to the middle position before operating the motor, touch it several times in case it suck in the air. It can be use after removing the air.

5.     5.Do allow the demands in the main parameters in using, make sure not exceed height or overload. If not when push height or tonnage exceed the limit , the      top of the tank will leak oil badly.

model and parameters of hydraulic pressure jack




Pushing capacity


Dia. of piston


Dia. of god


Rated pressureMPa









Note: Parameters in the form may be changed because of the improvement, excuse for not informing you.

usage and notice of hydraulic oil jack

1. Considering the demands of safety use and every impedance loss in the inner construction of the jack, please choose the jack which strength is 20% more than actual demand.

2. Keep every part clean. Piston pole should be usually cleaned to protect the chromeplate surface.

3. The working medium of the jack is HM32 hydraulic pressure oil, strictly prohibit replace it with alcohol, gas or diesel oil .

4. The working medium should be changed  regularly, when changing , filter it with 120# filter mesh and keep it clean.

5. The temperature of the working medium is 20-50, do not exceed 70.

6. This machine is working by oil reflowing ,so it can be taken out quickly after working, but it is wrong to pull the jack with the connected soft pipe.

7. When using , do not exceed the rating limit in case of damaging jack.

8.Make sure the load is on the center of the jack and force should be distributed along the axes direction of the jack.

9. Avoid badly libration in the use of jack.

10. It is not fit for the workplace with the acidity, alkalescence and causticity gas in it.

11. Check up regularly and maintain according to the using state.

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