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HC20 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill

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Excavator Mounted Rock Drilling attachments are designed to be used in various job sites such as drilling and blasting, quarrying & Mining, rock bolting, rock and concrete demolition, construction works, etc.  rock drillspercussion hour to engine hour ratio is exceptionally good at 60 %, which is substantially higher than what can be achieved with conventional drilling rigs.This is best proven in difficult conditions where other solutions fail to drill holes without the exceptional reach of the excavator's boom.

Besides demanding conditions,Excavator Drill can also be used as hydraulic rock splitter to demolish over sized rock bad and huge concrete building removal.

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HC20 Hydraulic Drifter ( Montabert From France)

HC20 Rock Drill Set

HC20 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill


1.HC20 Excavator Mounted rock drill suit to the 15-20 tons excavator mounted machines.
2.The rate of the Pump can reach 200L/min, drilling diameter 30-50mm, 3m or 4m depth per time drilling.
3.Drilling speed: 3-5min/m for hard rock, 1min can drill 1m depth for soft rock.
4.Excavator mounted rock drill can use the same type of hydraulic oil pipe lineas hydraulic breaker.

Excavator mounted drills can increase its function , one excavator can used for multi use, drilling and blasting
Excavator mounted is to use crawler moving, and stir hand function, for miningand construction,
Site is different, capacity of crawler moving is better than normal drill rig,installation and unlock is very easy, similar with hydraulic drifter fixing,and hydraulic rock drill drilling speed is 3-5times than pneumatic drill , one time drill depth is 3 meter, suitable for small hole drilling blasting at rock hardness of 7.6HRC, drilling time is 6-7minutes, if by pneumatic drill need mini 30 minutes,
France Montabert HC20, there are two drill rod, one hex, and thread type,
(1) Hex. Taper drill rod cost cheaper, only disposal after use finish,
(2) Thread extension rod for extension use, T38 is a choose,

Consignationof Excavated Mounted
(1) Multi function rail set
(2) Imported hydraulic drifter
(3) Moving System
(4) Dust collection
(5) Rock drilling tools
(6) Piston type air compressor

Whatsapp/Phone:+86 18186993613

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