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CO2 Rock Breaing System

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CO2 Rock Breaing System


CO2 rock breaKing system is a new type of rock breaking equipment that can replace explosive blasting. There is no vibration, shock wave, open flame, or harmful gas during the construction of CO2 rock breaking system, which is very safe and convenient. And it can be reused, which significantly reduces the construction cost. The emergence of CO2 rock breaking system perfectly solves the problem of the prohibition of blasting in mines and rock excavation and the low efficiency of hydraulic breakers! It has been widely used in mining, quarrying, highway construction, construction foundation, tunnel excavation, and other fields.

Standard configuration:
Gas cracking filling machine*1
Gas cracking gas storage tank*1
Gas cracking heating tube*1
Gas cracking tube(Consumables)

  • No Explosives, No Hazardous Chemicals or Fumes.
  • No Fly Rock.
  • No Vibrations.
  • No need of heavy equipment's like Excavators, Rock Breakers or Trenchers.
  • No Pollution or EMISSION of Dust.
  • Logistics Minimized as various machineries and items can be avoided.
  • No major electric supply or related Danger.
  • Easy and Quick to Operate.
  • High Yield of materials when compared with conventional Machinery.

How does the CO2 rock blasting system work?

    CO2 rock blasting, also known as carbon dioxide rock breaking or gas expansion cracking, is a technique used for rock excavation and breaking in various applications, including mining, quarrying, and construction projects. It is an alternative to traditional methods such as explosives or mechanical methods like drilling and hammering. The following describes how to use the CO2 rock blasting system.

1. Drill holes:

First, holes are drilled into the rock formation in a predetermined pattern and spacing. The drilling diameter is 130-140mm; the drilling depth is 6-8m; it depends on the specific construction requirements.

2. Fill with carbon dioxide:

Use the carbon dioxide filling system to inject high-pressure liquid carbon dioxide into the rock-breaking steel pipe. The carbon dioxide used is usually in a supercritical state, ie above its critical temperature and pressure.

3. Put the pipes into the holes:

Use an excavator to hoist the rock-breaking steel pipe into the hole and place it at the bottom of the hole.

4. Plug the holes:

Plug the hole with soil or gravel. The tighter the blockage, the better the blasting effect.

5. Connect the wire:

Connect wires in parallel or in series.

6. Detonate:

Connect the main line to the detonator and detonate.

CO2 rock blasting is a specialized technique whose application and effectiveness depend on a variety of factors, including the geology of the rock formation, the pressure and volume of injected gas, and specific construction requirements.


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